khyaam haque
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Khyaam Haque is a pianist and composer based out of Chicago, Illinois and primarily composes classical, new age, and electronic music. His inspiration transpired from the cinematic moments of his own life experiences. From his memories and relationships to his loneliness and solitude, Khyaam discovered a foundation of creativity that transcended into his own conglomerate of storytelling stemming from his life obstacles. A composer that works with variation, repetition along with a reoccurring melody, his albums evoke an environment of musical themes that are incredibly cohesive and invite the listener into his world.

Khyaam began in his childhood, learning classical guitar while growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico. That later transitioned into playing electric guitar and playing anything from Alternative, Post-rock, Jazz, Metal, to other styles of music. The instrument shaped him as an artist and led him to pursue an education in Audio Production at Columbia College Chicago, where he received his Bachelor's degree. During this time, Khyaam began experimenting with piano, synthesizers, and recording. Today, piano is the primary instrument used in the music he composes.

In 2016, Khyaam released his first album Sonorous Laments For A Future Past. This album, with its minimalist arrangements and elegance - firmly established his musical identity as a pianist.